When it comes to a quality home, it’s all about the details. Little things like shiplap accents, wood-wrapped windows, and oversized closets and garages, may not seem like such a big deal. But once you know what to look for, you’ll realize that some home interiors seem to be much more thought out and better crafted than others. Prairie Crossing will feature home interiors that will stand out due to the little details. Here are a few:

Shiplap Accents

Any fan of “Fixer Upper” will know that shiplap is a big selling point. It can bring a rustic, textured quality or modern touch to homes. Shiplap is the wood paneling in a house and designers use it to provide an aesthetic, reclaimed look. Prairie Crossing homes feature shiplap in our prairie-inspired model homes.

Wood-Wrapped Windows

Windows can be wrapped in many different materials including vinyl and aluminum. Wood-wrapped windows are a detail in Prairie Crossing home interiors that help set it apart from the rest. A window wrapped in wood is an aesthetic detail, but it also helps with durability and insulation.

Oversized Closets and Garages

This is another element that shows the thought behind our builds. Prairie Crossing homes will all feature oversized closets and garages. Central Oregon provides plenty of recreation activities, and many of these activities require extra toys like snowmobiles, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, climbing gear, ski equipment, and so much more.

Stone Accents

There will be stone accents on Prairie Crossing fireplaces and around the exterior of the model homes. The stone will add an artistic touch that makes the home unique while representing the natural world surrounding Prairie Crossing.

Prairie Crossing Home Interiors

Prairie Crossing home interiors will be unparalleled works of art. The details in our builds show that we care about quality craftsmanship and we know what makes a good home, especially for Central Oregon. We live here, and that’s a big reason we build here. Come see the difference for yourself in our model homes: 4006 SW Badger Ave, Redmond, OR 97756