All the amazing outdoor opportunities in Central Oregon make it easy to see why so many residents have dogs. Whether they are taking their pooches for a hike on the network of trails at Smith Rock or paddleboarding on one of the many lakes in the Cascades or are simply on a walk through downtown Redmond or Bend, people love to bring their dogs. We also love dogs here at Prairie Crossing. So, when we planned our community, we built a dog park to accommodate our four-legged friends. Here’s what you need to know about having a dog in Central Oregon and about the Prairie Crossing dog park.

Dogs of Central Oregon

Oregon is a dog-friendly state. In fact, Bend was named the country’s most dog-friendly city in America in 2012 by Dog Fancy magazine and Redmond’s animal shelter, Brightside, had a 97% save rate in 2015, the highest in the country. Take a walk in both downtown Redmond and Bend, and you’ll see dog water bowls outside shops and dog treats at registers. Dogs are allowed on most restaurant patios and at the breweries along the Ale Trail.

According to US Census Data compiled by DogPac, a local dog group advocating for more off-leash recreation in Central Oregon, 35% of Oregonians hike with their dogs, 25% cross-country ski or snowshoe with their dogs, and 42% walk for pleasure with a dog as company. Central Oregonians love the outdoors, but love it more when they’re with their dogs!

Prairie Crossing Dog Park

prairie crossing dog park

The Prairie Crossing dog park is fully fenced with green space in the middle. It’s an off-leash park that covers over four thousand square feet, complete with dog bag dispensers and water fountains. Each model homealso has a low-maintenance backyard that a dog would be happy to call their own. The dog park only adds more space for a dog to stretch its legs and meet some friends and neighbors.

Practice Healthy House Hunting!🏠

The model home is open 12:00-3:00 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, or by appointment.

Our model home will be cleaned and sanitized prior to each viewing with an emphasis on doorknobs, light switches, etc. to ensure the safety of our buyers and team! If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, contact us at legacyrealtyteam@gmail or 541-504-9000.