What if we told you that Prairie Crossing is home to a historic game first played by the early Egyptians? As evident in 5200 B.C. pyramid paintings, the ancient empire played a fair amount of Bocce Ball. Now, Prairie Crossing is a dwelling area to one of the worlds most antiquated games.

Bocce Ball is the perfect way to wind things down after a long summer day. What’s better is that you’ll enjoy the stunning sunsets of high desert life in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, and did we mention that Redmond is home to over 300 days of sunshine a year? That means over 300 days of outdoor fun. 


History of the Game


Prairie Crossing’s Bocce Ball court allows residents to regularly celebrate this stoic game. After receiving a considerable facelift by the Italians, those same rules are used by people who play today. 

Rather than just throwing a polished stone at a target, the Italians formulated regulations to both the court and ball sizes. Since then, many European immigrants can be credited with spreading the sport all across the globe. Despite being such a popular game documented by numerous cultures, the Bocce Ball court at Prairie Crossing is styled to fit within Italian parameters


Benefits of Playing Bocce Ball


There’s a lot of benefits that come with playing any sport, and playing Bocce Ball is no different. Whether you’re just getting outside or searching for an excuse to spend some time with old friends, here’s what you’ll experience every single time you step foot onto the court.

  • Social Activity
  • Time Outdoors
  • Improved Coordination
  • Stress Relief 
  • Mindfulness

People forget that playing a sport doesn’t mean you have to overexert yourself to reap the benefits. When you step on the court at Prairie Crossing, you’re improving both your physical health and your mental health. Bocce Ball is a social sport that eases the mind and gets you outside to enjoy the odes of nature.

No matter who you are, this historic game at Prairie Crossing is here for everyone to experience. Visit us today and get to know the neighborhood through a sport that fosters a community you’ll come to love.