With more growth comes more development. The town of Redmond has seen an explosive population increase of nearly 8% a year, and all those folks are looking for homes. There are some who are wary of new construction with the housing market crash not too far in the rearview mirror, but Prairie Crossing will be different. Our new housing community has some brilliant developers on its side, who came together to form the Central Oregon Building Company (COBC). We plan to construct homes that will be sustainable, practical, and detailed. But don’t just take it from us. The Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA) is pretty excited about our new development project, too.

Here are the categories our Prairie Crossing homebuilders are proud to have won for the COBA Tour Awards of 2018:

Best Interior Finish


We are proud to hold the title for Best Interior Finish for homes under $500,000. That proves that our attention to detail is quite exceptional, especially at our price point.

You need to see the detail to feel it though; come tour our model home at Prairie Crossing today.

Best Architectural Design


When you see the architectural plans for our model homes, you’ll soon realize we deserved this award. From strong horizontal lines to large front doors to material that complements the landscape, there is architectural thought and expertise that goes into our homes.

Come stand in front of one of our homes today to get a sense of the finished work.

Best of Show


Our model home was enough to prove that our homes win Best of Show. The minute you take your shoes off in the entryway and walk through the open-plan kitchen, you will see how our layouts, along with sophisticated interior design, will make you feel right at home.

Check out our gorgeous model home here in photos, or make the trip over to see for yourself.

Best Master Suite


Our master suite won the best in its category because of the attention to detail and practicality. You will be able to customize your own master room to include walk-in closets, double vanities, and a conjoining bath.

There’s a reason COBA loved our master suite, and we think you will, too.

2018 COBA Tour Awards | Prairie Crossing Homebuilders

The COBA Tour awards are presented every year by Harcourts Real Estate. Our Prairie Crossing homebuilders are proud to accept these awards in the $400,000-$450,000 category. Come see our award-winning model home today and join our community newsletter to stay in touch. The next home built at Prairie Crossing could be yours.