As builders and partners of Prairie Crossing, we ask ourselves what do we love most about our Redmond home? We love the expansiveness of the high desert. We love the smell of sage and juniper in the air, the desert sand beneath our feet, and being able to see the stars at night. We love our tight-knit community and the escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while still being close to the action.

Here’s what we look for when choosing a Redmond home:


There is something to be said about community. Knowing your neighbor, inviting them over for dinner, and taking care of their kids, or pets, means you are connected. Can you imagine living in a high rise and never knowing who lives next door? Living in a neighborhood, while still being close to downtown, is what we love about our Redmond home.


Leaving a minimal footprint means keeping Redmond in its natural state. We want to live on the land in a way that doesn’t destroy what we love most about Central Oregon. Being mindful of the resources we use means our homes will be around for much longer.


A Redmond home comes with proximity. Proximity to outdoor recreation, to the trails, mountains, rivers, and even proximity, respectfully, to the Oregon coast make Redmond the place for us. It’s no coincidence that Redmond is in the heart of Oregon because it has our hearts, too.

Your Redmond Home | Prairie Crossing

Prairie Crossing is proud to call Redmond, Oregon home, and you can be too. We are from here, so we build here; we know what you’re looking for in a new home because we look for the same in a home. When you move into a new Prairie Crossing home, you will have a built-in community of local neighbors. Prairie Crossing houses will be Earth Advantage-certified, meaning they are built with sustainability in mind and are held to strict standards. These new homes save energy and water while conserving natural resources. Finally, Prairie Crossing is close to everything Central Oregon has to offer, from parks to winding rivers, mountains, and even bigger cities.

A Redmond home is a Prairie Crossing home. Join the waitlist to see when the next house built at Prairie Crossing can be yours.

Practice Healthy House Hunting!🏠

The model home is open 12:00-3:00 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, or by appointment.

Our model home will be cleaned and sanitized prior to each viewing with an emphasis on doorknobs, light switches, etc. to ensure the safety of our buyers and team! If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, contact us at legacyrealtyteam@gmail or 541-504-9000.