Redmond is in the heart of Oregon, so it exists in a high desert landscape. The Cascade Range rises to the west and the Oregon High Desert stretches to the southeast. The semi-arid climate makes for comfortable weather and four beautiful seasons. Here’s everything you need to know about Redmond Oregon weather.

Redmond Oregon Fast Facts

Redmond’s elevation is 3,077 feet, which means it gets more precipitation than desert climates. It also means high temperatures in the summer consist of dry heat, and low temperatures in the winter see snowfall. Because Redmond sits on the east side of the Cascade Range, it sees an average of 320 days of sun. The Cascades also serve as a barrier to storms coming from the Pacific, leaving Redmond protected.

Ten notable mountain peaks can be seen from Redmond, each ranging from six to over ten thousand feet in elevation! Mt. Bachelor and Broken Top sit right across from one another and are followed by the Three Sisters. Black Crater and Mt. Washington rise west of Redmond, while Black Butte and Three Fingered Jack sit to the northeast and Mt. Jefferson completes the view. They make a great backdrop for gorgeous sunsets!

Redmond Oregon Weather

Typical weather conditions in the summer, from June to August, consist of highs in the mid-80s to lows in the 40s with a slight chance of precipitation. Summer sees an average of eight days of rain. The fall, from September to November, sees an average of 13 days of measurable rain and four days of snow. The temperatures are milder in the autumn months with average highs in the mid-70s to lows in the 20s.

The winter is from December to February, but some argue it should extend through March due to unpredictable spring weather. The winter months see average highs in the mid-40s with lows in the low 20s F. Redmond’s average precipitation is about 3.22 inches from 22 days of rain and 16 days of snow. The spring season is from March to May with temperatures ranging from a comfortable 65 degrees to lows of 25. Spring in Redmond sees 13 days of measurable rain and about a week’s worth of late snowfall.

Prairie Crossing

Prairie Crossing sits off Highway 97 in Redmond. We see the best of all Central Oregon weather while benefiting from the Cascade mountain views right from our community. Redmond Oregon weather is a big factor for people moving to the area from across the states and is an even more compelling reason to stay. If you want to check the current weather forecast, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is a great resource. Come tour our model home today, and make the move to Prairie Crossing. You’ll be able to experience the beauty of all Redmond’s seasons!