The city of Redmond, Oregon is rapidly growing. More than 50% of residents moved here within the past decade! With more people comes more housing needs; the city is projecting more than 8,000 new homes built within the next 20 years. To stay ahead of housing in Redmond, we will see lots of new development, and that growth should be sustainable.

What Are Earth Advantage Homes?

Earth Advantage certification is unique to the Pacific Northwest. The Portland-based program provides standards for home construction that include: energy efficiency, indoor air quality, resource efficiency, environmental responsibility, and water conservation. Our homes at Prairie Crossing will be Earth Advantage-certified, which means we only use materials that are safe for the environment. We are conscious of production waste and erosion, and we try to use local materials whenever possible. Earth Advantage homes, including the roofing, decking, and cabinetry are all built using eco-friendly products. Our sustainable housing in Redmond also features energy-saving systems, including more efficient insulation, ducts, heating and cooling, and lighting appliances. Earth Advantage homes save approximately 20% more energy than a house built to standard code. They are also made to conserve water. All the plumbing, toilets, and fixtures are installed with low flow features, and the water heater is tankless, which helps heat water instantly.

Once the home is built, our landscapers are conscious about preserving the natural system surrounding the property and are encouraged to plant native, drought-resistant greenery that needs minimal irrigation. This, in turn, helps reduce water consumption and promotes the natural environment.

The result is a sustainable, durable, and energy-efficient home, and one that Prairie Crossing homeowners can be proud of.

Sustainable Housing in Redmond | Prairie Crossing

Prairie Crossing is the only new housing community in Redmond that features Earth Advantage homes. As Redmond grows, we need to make sure that new development is respectful to the land around us. Prairie Crossing will provide sustainable housing in Redmond that reflects our Central Oregon community. Join our waitlist today for updates on new home availability.