There’s an underlying secret surrounding the landscape designs of our Prairie Crossing homes. Stroll through the neighborhood and you’ll find beautiful native plants lining the lots. Never looking out of place, Prairie Crossing resembles the likes of a thriving high desert oasis. Time and time again, people ask us, “How do you keep your neighborhood so beautiful and natural?” Our answer is simple: xeriscaping.


What is Xeriscaping? 

Through sustainable practices and strategic placement, xeriscaping uses the least amount of resources possible for personalizing your home into a high-desert haven. By planting native, eco-friendly plants, this minimalist strategy requires little to no water.

We’re as much a part of our environment as we are our home. Our actions affect where and how we live, and it’s no secret that water is a precious resource in the high desert. This conservation method saves valuable resources without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home. Actually, it enhances it.


The Benefits of Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping benefits both the high desert and our Prairie Crossing homeowners. This minimalistic style doesn’t just decrease your consumption of valuable h2O.  It also lessens the impact on our fragile ecosystem and saves you money in the process. 

As an added bonus, your plants are more likely to survive water restrictions in times of drought. It also means your home requires less maintenance freeing you of the burden that comes with taking care of a manicured, green grass lawn. 


COBA Certified

Recently, Prairie Crossing won eight different awards in 2019’s COBA Tour of Homes. It’s safe to say we’re most proud of our new Green Building Award. We understand sustainable practices make sense for our homes. Prairie Crossing provides beautiful xeriscape outdoor areas that enhance your home’s surroundings, not diminish it. As a result, we’re happy to hear that COBA recognizes that, too.


A Difference You Can See

Located in the heart of Central Oregon, Prairie Crossing knows how to embrace our natural environment. When you buy a home and join our wonderful community, we’ll be embracing you too. Explore the Prairie Crossing neighborhood today and discover your new oasis in the high desert.